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Gift Certificates

Journey is one of the most memorable presents and one of the most effective incentives for the employees.

Among other services, Aero Club Tour offers Gift Certificates for holiday trips.

Gift Certificate gives you freedom of choice of the destination, that way the travelers can select the venue in accordance with their preferences. Our team is always ready to give professional advice and find an ideal destination for your employees!

We will take care of creating a unique certificate and providing travel services to a certificate owner.

Aero Club Tour offers certificates of two types:

Personal Certificate – with the name/names of persons that can use the certificate, stated in it

Nominee Certificate – valid for any person presenting the certificate

Gift Certificate owner has a right to:

  • Purchase a tour package (or several tour packages) from Aero Club Tour at the cost of the certificate (or certificates)
  • Make an additional payment to purchase a more expensive tour package
  • Choose the venue, time and dates of the trip specified in the certificate within the frames of Aero Club Tour offers

Value, quantity and types of services offered in the Gift Certificate are defined by the Client.